Adult learners

Here is what some of my adult students have to say about my teaching (honestly though, they are doing all the hard work, I just set them on the right path):


“Mike Hyland is a phenomenal guitar instructor.  He has taught me how the fretboard is logically organized and, applying this logic, he has shown me the relationship among chords, scales and modes.  Using his fretboard logic and applying the appropriate intervals, he has taught me how to construct chords and play scales over these chords.  He has a uncanny knack at making guitar theory fun and easy to understand.  In a nutshell, I am finally learning how to play the guitar.” – Mike M (2012)

“After 20 years of dreaming about playing the guitar I finally took the plunge. My wife found Mike Hyland by interviewing several instructors and was convinced that Mike had the technique which would help me be successful in fulfilling my dream. She was right. I have been taking lessons a little over a year and the amount of knowledge I have gained is huge. Mike teaches learning about the guitar completely so that you know exactly where every note is and how the notes put together make music. It is a complete training not just a shortcut to play easy songs. What I appreciate most about my time as a student of Mike, is that even the times that I came to a lesson frustrated with my progress Mike found a way to uplift me and by the end of the lesson I was on top of the world ready for a new challenge in music. This is especially for the older than normal student. He gives you just the right pace in order for you to be a success. I thank him greatly for the gift I am receiving. ” – Jim W DVM (2012)


“As an absolute beginner Mike has given me an amazing balance of supportive encouragement and direct feedback as well as interesting new exercises every week.  His passion comes through in every lesson, no matter what level of technique or music theory he is discussing.  With Mike I feel like I am learning the guitar in a way that will allow me to still progress and have fun with it twenty years from now!” – Daniel I (2012)

“I’ve heard the saying that guitar is the easiest instrument to learn the wrong way but didn’t fully understand what that meant until I took lessons with Mike. He really knows his stuff. I’ve learned a ton working with him in just a short while and can tell I’ve only scratched the surface of his knowledge. Just an all around cool guy; I really enjoy our lessons.” 
– Jonathan B  (2012)

“Learning how to play an instrument as an adult, is as frustrating as trying to remember how to pat your head and rub your belly–while walking and chewing gum at the same time–like when you were a kid. Mike Hyland has an uncanny way of tapping into a person’s brain, to create an environment of learning something new and as seemingly complex–like how to play a musical instrument–so that it actually makes sense. His teaching style is down to Earth, and he’s a very patient person. He has an exceptional range of music knowledge–that through his examples, demonstrations, and relational way of teaching how to play the guitar–he has not only greatly impacted my ability to learn the guitar, but he has also sparked passion and desire to learn how to play other instruments. I find myself waking up every day now, with a passionate desire to share my new-found confidence and encourage everyone that I meet to learn how to play a musical instrument. Mike is very motivating and inspirational–I feel very indebted to him for his time and commitment to me as a student!” – T.S.  (2010)

“Mike’s way of teaching guitar is completely different from traditional guitar teachers who show you a few chords and strums. With Mike’s method, you understand the entire fretboard, chord scales, cadences and moving around the neck vertically and horizontally. You’ll learn right hand techniques, strums and picking patterns. After studying with him, I feel I have a comprehensive understanding of the guitar, and understand shapes, as well as tone qualities in chords, inversions and voicings. Yes, it’s a commitment, but it’s worth it.” Jean  (2011)

“Mike not only teaches guitar, he teaches music; a refreshing approach. He is genuinely interested in helping you to meet your goals and succeed in your musical aspirations, all while actually understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it. Look no further, hire Mike Hyland.” – Mary R  (2011)

“Mike was great getting me started. I didn’t know anything at all and in a few months I felt like I really had a better understanding of not just the guitar but music in general. He’s a great teacher!” – Bethany (2010)

“Mike is a thoughtful and experienced teacher, he focuses on the basics which allows you to improve quickly and confidently. He’s not like the usual music store teacher, he really knows his stuff” – Jeff Smith (2008)

“I tried lots of other teachers before him, but Mike was the first one that really explained to me how to practice. He really thinks about the way your brain works and helps you learn.” – Michelle  (2006)

“Mike is the greatest guitar teacher to have ever set foot on planet Earth.” – Phyllis Hyland (Mom)