Home Coach

Children learn language from their parents, so it is necessary that if we call this the Mother Tongue Approach, surely the bulk of the learning comes from the parent. This is exactly true.

The importance of the parent in this method is impossible to overstate. Since young children are incapable of making long term commitments, it is the parent’s responsibility to make the commitment on behalf of the child. The parent is committing to regular attendance to private and group lessons, daily practice with the child, and daily listening to the recorded music. In the Mike Hyland Guitar Studio, the parent who assumes responsibility for the daily practice (hereafter referred to as the “Home Coach”) will attend four Home Coach training sessions where they will learn the tools they need to help their child succeed. This includes information about the Suzuki method, the rudiments of playing the instrument, strategies for practicing with their child and a great deal of moral support! The Home Coach is embarking upon a fantastic journey with their child, and these sessions are designed to prepare the parent and child for success.