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Dale Bruning

Dale is my mentor/teacher and one of the greatest humans to grace planet Earth.  Honest. Here’s the description of his site and what he and his partner do:

   Guitarist/composer/arranger/author/educator Dale Bruning and writer/photographer/graphic artist/videographer/music copyist Jude Hibler, owner of Jazz Link Enterprises  – founded in 1988 – formed their partnership in 1995 when they produced Dale’s first of 12 JLE CDs, Tomorrow’s Reflections. They began producing and presenting their signature Timeless Music of Great Composer Concertseries in 1996 and continue them to the present.
   Their website represents Dale’s CDs and two volumes of his music books (the third one available in late 2012), as well as background scenes of some of Jude’s nature photography as well as a few of her jazz photos as seen on the Jazz Birthday pages of the website.


Suzuki Links


Twinkle Together

Steve Bondy is an amazing Suzuki guitar teacher in Denver to whom I owe a great deal.  Please check out his site and if you have some little ones that are too young to start guitar just yet, sign up for one of his early child classes.  He’s the man!

Guitar For Kids

Mr. Joe Beninghof is a pioneer of Suzuki Guitar in Colorado, to whom I also owe a great deal.  He’s been very generous to me and is a wonderful teacher!

The Triangle: Parent, Teacher, Child

This is a wonderful blog concerning all things Suzuki.  Check it out, you won’t be sorry!